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Success Stories

Integrity Flooring – Residential, Minneapolis, MN

Integrity Flooring


Minneapolis, MN

The Situation

Contracted to install premium hardwood floors in an unoccupied residential home during cold weather, Integrity Flooring required a solution to remotely monitor jobsite conditions, 24/7.

The Benefit

Integrity Flooring’s project team members received real-time push notifications to their mobile devices that identified exceptionally low temperature conditions at the jobsite. The homeowner was notified and HVAC controls were repaired to ensure the space was properly climatized.

Integrity Flooring avoided what could have been a costly installation failure, damaged reputations and delayed client’s return to the home living space.

The Results

Dan Auld, Owner of Integrity Flooring said, “Just yesterday, Floorcloud alerted us of a jobsite where temps were dropping significantly. Homeowners were not staying in the home, so we knew something was up. The pressure switch on the furnace went out, but Floorcloud was the first to alert us of an issue. Floorcloud is a valuable tool that helps guarantee the desired results on all our flooring projects!”