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Monitor jobsites

in real-time with mobile alerts

Options for one-person operations to large contractor companies

No more sending your team to jobs that just aren’t ready!

No more driving to sites to read data loggers.

No more “what happened over the weekend” issues.

No more pointless claims that could have been prevented.

No more guessing if your product is properly acclimated.


2 User Seats

1 Sensor

Compact and portable when single unit cases are needed.


4 User Seats

2 Sensors

Ideal for Project Managers with small projects.


10 User Seats

5 Sensors

Ideal for Project Managers with large projects or multiple jobsite locations.

Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof hard outer shells protect your equipment from the elements.
Floorcloud hard cases are engineered to perform in toughest construction environments.






Remote jobsite monitoring

Remote jobsite monitoring

Mobile Condition Alerts

Mobile Condition Alerts

Real-time data

Real-time data

Product spec database

Product spec database

Jobsite condition graphs

Jobsite condition graphs

Report generation

Report generation

Photo documentation

Photo documentation

Wagner meter integration

Wagner meter integration

No Wifi needed

No Wifi needed



2 Month Battery Life

2 Month Battery Life

Runs from wall outlet indefinitely

Runs from a wall outlet indefinitely

PM-5 Starter Kit Includes:

5 Sensors

5 Warning Signs

5 USB Charging Cables

5 USB Wall Plugs

10 3M Command Strips
Steve Cloud

Higgins & Co.

Ken Hurd


Jim Lockwood

Consolidated Flooring

Ryan Bassett


Andrew Conklin

Higgins & Co.

Dan Auld

Integrity Flooring

5 Star Customer Reviews

Floorcloud helped us avoid what could have been a seven figure calamity by providing us real-time visibility to data!

Steve CloudOwner of Higgins Flooring

Finally! A simple cost-effective way to have the technology to monitor, document, and protect retailers and contractors when ambient conditions don’t meet the manufacturer/industry requirements. The price you pay to monitor is nothing compared to litigation or getting blamed on an inspection for not having documentation of site conditions.

John NambaNamba Services, NWFA

No more Monday morning surprises! We don't show up to jobs that aren't ready for us anymore. With the Floorcloud sensor, we know what the jobsite conditions are before we arrive. It has eliminated much wasted time and miles. Floorcloud is a valuable tool that increases efficiency and helps guarantee the desired results on all our flooring projects!

Dan AuldOwner of Integrity Flooring

This is going to change the industry. Every single contractor should be utilizing this software. It’s simple to use and is exactly what our market needed.

Jim LockwoodQuality & Productivity Manager, Consolidated Flooring

Contractors and manufacturers alike, now have the opportunity to use mobile technology as a labor management tool, ensuring best practices and productivity, to optimize consistency of behavior over multiple projects with a diverse workforce mixed between union and non-union, employees and subcontractors.

Mark BischoffCEO, Starnet Flooring Alliance

Floorcloud equips busy flooring contractors with the ability to monitor and communicate the real-time environmental and site conditions they face with project stakeholders so everyone understands the criteria influencing project success.

Thomas TrisslCEO Schonox

The ability for contractors to gather data and cross reference it with manufacturer’s data is key for consistency.

Ryan BassettProduct Support Specialist, Schonox

Floorcloud gives us the ability to go to the general contractor with critical information and the need to meet technical specifications.

Andrew ConklinProject Manager, M. Frank Higgins & Co.

Floorcloud is easy to use, even for anyone with limited experience in technology….a lot of useful information at your fingertips. It’s something we’ve needed in our industry for a long time!

Chuck ForbesField Supervisor, Capital Carpet & Flooring
Customer Testimonial

Integrity Flooring

“Just yesterday, Floorcloud alerted us of a jobsite where temps were dropping significantly. Homeowners were not staying in the home, so we knew something was up. The pressure switch on the furnace went out, but Floorcloud was the first to alert us of an issue. Floorcloud is a valuable tool that helps guarantee the desired results on all our flooring projects!”

- Dan Auld, Owner of Integrity Flooring