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Manufacturers’ Benefits

Floorcloud® improves the speed and accuracy of communicating installation information to the people that need it most when they need it.

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Schonox Pump Program Collaboration

Product manufacturers on Floorcloud®

Manufacturers are embracing new technologies to support their customers. Hear from Schonox and Higgins Flooring how Floorcloud® empowers their installers with jobsite data to improve installation outcomes and reduce risk.

Proprietary Product Specification Database

Essential specification data for over 5,000 installation and flooring products available within seconds when it's needed the most.

Protects Brand Integrity

Measures ASTM standards at point of use in real-time.

Reduces Claim Resolution Efforts

Helps to reduce expensive and time consuming failure analysis and claim resolution efforts by alerting stakeholders to out of specification conditions early.

Lowers Budget Allocations

Spend less of your budget on legal costs and claim payouts by avoiding issues early in the project lifecycle.

Communicate Directly To Installers

Directly notify end users of product use instruction changes, recall announcements, or new product launches.

Enhance Brand Equity

Demonstrate to installers a commitment to quality with the placement of the Manufacturer Verified Partner logo next to your brand within the Floorclou® mobile app and desktop software applications.

Deliver Point Of Use Reminders

Provide valuable installation and safety instruction reminders at point of use.

Enjoy Marketing Synergies

Promote the association of your brand with our new, real-time, quality management platform.
Partner Verification

Become a Manufacturer Verified™ partner and be recognized!

Provide product specification data listed below using the Floorcloud™ template.

Product installation ranges:

  • Ambient temperature & humidity
  • Dew point
  • Substrate pH
  • Substrate RH%
  • CaCl (lbs)
  • Surface temperature

Installation & safety reminders
Batch number and die lot code format

Discuss our solution in more detail

Speak to a Floorcloud® team member to learn more about how the platform can professionalize and protect your company.