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Consolidated Flooring

“Floorcloud’s innovative platform will enable Consolidated Flooring to monitor and share detailed information with our clients in real-time. We are now able to detect and resolve issues as they occur to help mitigate overall project risk.”

“The great thing about Floorcloud
is it’s giving you information in real-time!”

"It’s an absolute no brainer, when you weigh the potential liability of not having this system vs the cost of this product. Everybody should be using Floorcloud to keep clients aware of what their building is doing.”

“Just yesterday, Floorcloud alerted us of a jobsite where temps were dropping significantly. Homeowners were not staying in the home, so we knew something was up. The pressure switch on the furnace went out, but Floorcloud was the first to alert us of an issue. Floorcloud is a valuable tool that helps guarantee the desired results on all our flooring projects!”

- Dan Auld, Owner of Integrity Flooring

"Floorcloud gives us the ability to go to the general contractor with critical information and the need to meet technical specifications.”

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“The ability for contractors to gather data and cross reference it with manufacturer’s data is key for consistency.”

“Floorcloud helped us avoid what could have been a seven figure calamity by providing us real-time visibility to data!”

“This is going to change the industry. Every single contractor should be utilizing this software. It’s simple to use and is exactly what our market needed.”

Consolidated Flooring

“Contractors and manufacturers alike, now have the opportunity to use mobile technology as a labor management tool, ensuring best practices and productivity, to optimize consistency of behavior over multiple projects with a diverse workforce mixed between union and non-union, employees and subcontractors.”

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“Floorcloud is easy to use, even for anyone with limited experience in technology….a lot of useful information at your fingertips. It’s something we’ve needed in our industry for a long time!”

“Floorcloud equips busy flooring contractors with the ability to monitor and communicate the real-time environmental and site conditions they face with project stakeholders so everyone understands the criteria influencing project success.”

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