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Floorcloud® sensors are simple to use and provide out-of-the-box connectivity to the cellular network. No Wifi or password struggles. Precise, reliable and durable, they are ideal for real-time construction jobsite monitoring.

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Accurate ambient climate measurements
Rechargable, long-life battery
Record sensor GPS location
Small form factor
Simple mounting
IP67 Rated for debris and moisture
Ambient Climate Sensor

Jobsite Conditions Sensor - V

The workhorse of the Floorcloud® sensor line up, this sensor captures ambient temperature, humidity, dew point, and GPS location. It connects automatically to the cellular IoT network and maintains its battery life for up to 3 months. It is IP67 rated and can be easily mounted to almost any surface.

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Concrete Substrate Sensor (Coming Soon)

RapidRH Data Grabber

The leading concrete substrate, insitu, RH% probe on the market today for the flooring professional. Utilize your Floorcloud® mobile app to capture essential concrete RH% values using Bluetooth™ technology.

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Hardware Features

Floorcloud® sensors are simple to use, highly accurate, easy to mount and durable.

Accurate Measurements

Digital sensor instrumentation ensures precise data capture of ambient temperature, humidity and dew point.


Resistant to water, dust and debris intrusion. Impact and vibration resistant components.

Out-of-the-box Connectivity

Automatic connection to the national 4G cellular network. No WiFi, password or connectivity hassles.

Simple to Power

Up to 3 month battery life and fully rechargeable via a Micro-USB cable and 110V outlet.

Easy Mounting

Fasten to walls or beams with double-sided tape, 3M Command Strips, magnets or cable ties.

Onboard Data Storage

Data is captured if cellular connectivity is unavailable. Payload is then uploaded when connectivity resumes.

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