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How can Floorcloud® help contractors?

Demonstrate superior professionalism and help ensure the success of your installations. Monitor, communicate and archive essential jobsite data with ease. Capture important photos and notes to document key information and process steps.

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Software Features

Stand alone software that can be connected to our climate sensors.

Monitor Real-Time Jobsite Conditions

View jobsite conditions in real-time from anywhere at anytime using mobile or desktop software.

Jobsite Condition Alerts

Receive real-time alert notifications of jobsite conditions that may be out of specification for the products being installed.

Capture Photos

Capture, organize and store useful photos in one secure location for future use. Store images of batch codes, substrate conditions, installation methods and equipment, team members, neighboring trades and important documents.

Record Project Details

Record project name, address, general contractor, architect, project type, building type and square feet.

Document Products

Record and archive all products used in your installation in one secure location.

Historical Jobsite Data

Instantly retrieve jobsite conditions data using a variety of search criteria or simple date filtering. View historical temperature, humidity and dew point conditions in seconds.

View Product Specifications

Access relevant technical specifications from the leading manufacturers of installation materials and finished flooring products.

Locate Key Instructions

Instantly access key specification data and helpful installation and safety instructions at point of use.

Share Information With Ease

Share climate graphs, photos, notes and documents with any project stakeholders and keep a record of it with ease.
Accurate and Durable Jobsite Conditions Sensors

Monitor ambient temperature, humidity and dew point with out-of-the-box connectivity.

Jobsite Conditions Sensor - V

The workhorse of the Floorcloud® sensor line up, this device captures ambient temperature, humidity, and dew point. It connects automatically to the 4G cellular network and maintains its battery life up to 3 months. It is IP67 for the intrusion of dust and moisture and can be easily mounted to almost any surface.

Rapid RH Data Grabber

The leading concrete substrate, insitu, RH% probe on the market today for the flooring professional. Utilize your Floorcloud™ mobile app to capture essential concrete RH% values using Bluetooth™ technology.

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