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Contractors can now detect
real-time changes in jobsite conditions

Easily share data graphs and mobile alerts to ensure your products stay within manufacturers’ specifications. Floorcloud® makes it possible to work in challenging work environments, take corrective actions and help ensure successful project outcomes.

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"Floorcloud gives us the ability to go to
the general contractor with critical information
and the need to meet technical specifications."
Andrew Conklin

Project Manager, Higgins & Co.

Integrated Platform Features:

Desktop & Mobile Software

Ultimate project visibility on your phone or laptop

Instantly view and archive detailed jobsite conditions across all of your projects before, during, and after installation. Receive alerts and notifications for out of specification conditions. Capture and archive photos, notes and other important information for analysis.

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Jobsite Sensors
RapidRH® Sensors

Watch how seamless connections are with RapidRH® L6 sensors

Floorcloud® is compatible with Rapid RH® L6 sensors from Wagner Meters. Contractors are now able to monitor concrete and jobsite environmental conditions remotely, in real-time, from anywhere in the world with cellular connectivity.

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EMC Calculator

Equalibrium Moisture Content Calculator

The Floorcloud® EMC calculator enables hardwood flooring installers to easily follow NWFA equilibrium moisture content guidelines. Accurately and instantly know if your wood flooring is ready to install. Protect your business with this powerful new feature!!

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Monitor and Share

Enhanced Reporting Made Simple

Comprehensive documentation professionalizes your communication and reporting. Unlimited cloud storage includes all jobsite climate data, photos, notes, communication and reporting. Reporting is intuitive, with professional reports generated in a few minutes instead of hours of manual logs.

Store data during all critical installation phases, maintaining manufacturer’s warranties. Floorcloud® even supports existing software by easily uploading reports to Pro-Core through Spec-intel.

Customer Testimonial

Integrity Flooring

“Just yesterday, Floorcloud alerted us of a jobsite where temps were dropping significantly. Homeowners were not staying in the home, so we knew something was up. The pressure switch on the furnace went out, but Floorcloud was the first to alert us of an issue. Floorcloud is a valuable tool that helps guarantee the desired results on all our flooring projects!”

- Dan Auld, Owner of Integrity Flooring

Accurate and Durable Jobsite Conditions Sensors

Monitor ambient temperature, humidity, dew point, slab temperature and slab relative humidity with out-of-the-box connectivity.

PM-5 packs are equipped with 5 jobsite sensors. Ideal for Project Managers with large projects or multiple jobsite locations. Floorcloud sensors and cases are engineered to perform in the toughest construction environments.

Available in 1, 2 and 5 packs.

PM-5 packs can cover up to 5 jobs.

Each sensor covers 10K SF of open space.

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Speak to a Floorcloud® team member to learn more about how the platform can professionalize and protect your company.