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Protecting Interior Installations.
Remote Real-Time Monitoring.

Surface Prep • Flooring • Coatings • Fireproofing • Drywall • Millwork • Painting • Wall Covering

Floorcloud® is a trusted technology platform that enables general & specialty contractors to remotely monitor ambient interior floor space conditions in real-time, and communicate material-specific alerts, while storing data securely in the cloud.

Know your site conditions 100% of the time

Create Reports 5x Faster

97% reduction in time monitoring site conditions

An integrated platform to improve quality, communication and profitability.

Mobile Software

Ultimate project visibility on your phone or tablet.

Instantly view and archive detailed jobsite conditions across all of your projects before, during, and after installation. Receive alerts and notifications for out of specification conditions. Capture and archive photos, notes and other important information for analysis.

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Desktop Software

Manage projects from your office.

Create projects in advance and generate reports in minutes from your office. Easily set up projects by section, add products and tasks. Assign team members and grant project access levels. View all projects and the status of sensors with an intuitive map view.

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Jobsite Conditions Sensors

Out-of-the-box network connectivity.

Capture ambient temperature, humidity, and dew point readings with high-precision sensors engineered for the most demanding, commercial-grade conditions.

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Manufacturers Specification Database

Compare real-time jobsite conditions to product specifications and ASTM standards.

Instantly access essential specification data from thousands of flooring installation products. Ambient temperature, humidity, and dew point as well as, installation and safety instruction reminders are all available.

Our CloudConnect™ service helps ensure the products you require are in our database. Submit your project’s product list, and within 48 hours we will confirm your products are available to be selected.

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Connecting contractors and

manufacturers like never before

Instantly compare jobsite conditions to product manufacturers’ specifications with Floorcloud®.

Accurate and Durable Jobsite Conditions Sensors

Monitor ambient temperature, humidity, dew point, slab temperature and slab relative humidity with out-of-the-box connectivity.

PM-5 packs are equipped with 5 jobsite sensors. Ideal for Project Managers with large projects or multiple jobsite locations. Floorcloud® sensors and cases are engineered to perform in the toughest construction environments.

Available in 1, 2 and 5 packs.

PM-5 packs can cover up to 5 jobs.

Each sensor covers 10K SF of open space.

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Document your workflow

Elevate professionalism

Win more business by using the breakthrough Floorcloud® quality management platform. Avoid expensive mistakes that result in re-work, frustration and time consuming, claims resolution. Easily and securely organize and store jobsite data for future use. Create and share weekly reports with key project stakeholders.